Supporting local
chemotherapy care

What do we currently provide?

FOJO currently provide the following for patients undergoing chemotherapy care:
What do we currently provide

  • A comfort pack at the start of their treatment containing items such as a thermometer, blanket, hand cream, mints, lip balm, nail polish, pill packets, note pads and parking cards
  • Use of a furnished quiet room
  • £150 wig voucher
  • £50 ‘Put a Treat into Treatment’ voucher
  • Post-treatment vouchers to promote recovery and well-being
  • A library of books
  • A vein finder machine
  • A drugs fridge
  • Wi-Fi, iPad and PCs for video conferencing with UK based doctors
  • A support to nursing resources and training
  • Ad-hoc patient support as recommended by the oncology nurses

If you are a new patient and want to find out more about how FOJO can help you, please speak to your oncology nurse.

“Thank you FOJO and St Peter’s Nurseries for the end of chemo treatment vouchers. With the longer days and better weather to come I hope to spend more time in our veg and flower garden. Good luck and God Bless xx thank you to everyone that helps us and make these things possible”