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A patient’s testimonial:

Just a little note to say a huge thank you to you all, to your friendly and professional support over the recent months. Having chemo is not the best experience in life but the way you all have looked after me and your friendly smiley faces, and your many kind words has made this challenging journey so much easier to cope with. You are all very lovely people and a great team.

Thank you for everything, lots of love Wendy x x

Picture courtesy of the Jersey Evening Post

What do Friends Of Jersey Oncology do?

The Jersey Oncology Unit coordinates the care of patients with all types of cancers. Friends of Jersey Oncology (FOJO) was formed in 2012 to raise funds for the purchase of non- States provided equipment and services for the Jersey Oncology Unit.

Funds raised provide additional care, comfort and support for the Units patients, families and loved ones. We are committed to ensuring that the charity’s funds will always be utilised in the most appropriate and effective way.

How do we help?

The oncology unit in Jersey currently treats around 60 new patients a month, as well as existing patients and those requiring ongoing care.

A cancer diagnosis is an unknown entity, and patients are often filled with fear and extreme anxiety. Whilst we can’t change the circumstances, we can administer strong, powerful medications to eradicate, reduce and control a variety of cancers for those as young as 20 through to older aged patients. Our aim is to make this journey as comfortable and relaxed as possible to help make chemotherapy a little easier to cope with.

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Our vision

Our vision for the charity’s future is to ensure all patients, their families and loved ones have access to high quality information, support and the best possible treatment. With the help and support of the Jersey public we are dedicated to achieving our goals and making a real and meaningful difference for those in the island affected by cancer.

A Patient's Blog

This is a first hand account of a female patient who has been diagnosed with a cancer and is currently receiving chemotherapy at the Jersey Oncology Unit.  It will chart her feelings and experiences, including the ups and downs, of her journey through treatment.

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A new year and a new beginning?

I met another friend who unfortunately was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer three months after me, and during the conversation we briefly discussed our Chemotherapy regime. Hers differed slightly from mine with three cycle’s pre op and three cycles post op. Very straightforward and simple, and also as it turns out very effective, as she has just been given the “all clear”, which is good news indeed.

As very little of the proposed plan for my treatment had gone smoothly I should have known that cycle number eight would be no different. We finally had to admit defeat, and give up on the last cycle, part of me was relieved, but the other half of me was a little anxious. A CT scan was booked for the middle of January.

Even that wasn’t without incident; it took three attempts to put in a cannula! The right arm vein ‘ran away’, and when the Nurse tried the left arm, the needle bent!!! Luckily the veins in the hand were still operational!

Six days later I had the results- and it seems that there is no evidence of any residual disease, and I am now in remission- great news- but (and there always IS a but!), I am waiting for confirmation from the Marsden, and until that letter comes through confirming the fact, I am not fully celebrating.

So I would like to think that although 2012 was not a particularly good year for me, 2013 is looking a whole lot better, and in the words of Winston Churchill, KBO!!